Our Mission & Vision

We are a women and youth led non-profit organization based in Ethiopia that works towards Education, Democracy and supporting underprivileged children reach their full potential - physical, mental as well as emotional.


We aims to provide quality education that fosters creativity, innovation, and lifelong learning, preparing students for the 21st century's challenges and opportunities.


INK Ethiopia views democracy as a way of life that empowers individuals to shape their own destiny and contribute to the common good.


Empowering young people to effect positive change in their communities through training, mentoring, and networking opportunities is what we are working on!


INK Ethiopia is a CSO that promotes education, innovation and collaboration among young Ethiopians. We believe that charity is not only about giving, but also empowering and inspiring others.


At INK Ethiopia, we empower women to create, innovate and lead. We provide training, mentoring and networking opportunities for women in STEM fields. We believe in the potential of women to transform Ethiopia and the world.


We are dedicated to enhancing our nation's growth through innovative and collaborative solutions, collaborating with various stakeholders to generate and disseminate knowledge for positive social change.


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Youth of Today!

#Youth Empowerment Training Integrated for New Knowledge (INK) Ethiopia organized a Youth Empowerment Training for 50 young people in Addis Ababa by March 2023. The training focused on enhancing the youths’ skills and knowledge in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, and problem-solving. The training also included practical sessions where the participants worked on developing their own social impact projects and

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Humanitarian Assistance

#HUMANITY INK-Ethiopia has distributed bottled water and clothing for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Southern Wollo “Chefarobit” city administration. The distribution took place on February 16, 2023, and benefited more than 2,000 IDPs who fled their homes due to the ongoing conflict in the region. INK-Ethiopia’s Executive Director, Imran A. Abebe, said that the organization is committed to supporting the

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